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Jimmy Collier's repertoire blending folk, blues, gospel, country and soul has electrified audiences from Carnegie Hall to Sesame Street to President Carter's Inaugural Program.  Collier's experiences as a performer echo some of the most important events of our culture.  These include working as staff entertainer for Dr. Martin Luther King, crewing on Pete Seeger's musical sloop Clearwater, and portraying the role of African Americans in the Old West.  He currently performs in Northern California including workshops in the State University's system, Stanford University, and various organizations.  He also performs as an historical figure for events and business openings.  His latest recording, "Everybody's Somebody", reflects his musical past as well as hope for the future.
"Jimmy Collier is the real thing . . . he makes music live . . . music and life don't need to be separated . . . Jimmy shows they can become one."  -Pete Seeger

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Jimmy Collier


209 742-3114

February 2011