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In addition to the musical influence his grandparents had on him, Collier also remembers something his grandfather would tell him repeatedly that has always stuck with him and shaped his life:  there were black cowboys in the Wild West. Although no one else at the time corroborated his grandfather's story, Collier just knew it was true, and in time, he was proven to be right.

"I started wearing cowboy hats and things a long time ago.  People thought it was pretty silly and laughed at me."  But he endured the teasing and was delighted when a book entitled "The Negro Cowboys" was released which revealed the black influence and participation in shaping the Old West.  His grandfather's words had been proven true . . . He also participated in reenactments of the Civil War and Old West, performed at Cowboy Festivals and traveled all over playing and singing. -Krista Bjorn, Sun-Star reporter Friday August 24, 2001 

Jimmy is available for re-enactment performances for all occasions from business openings to special events.  Please contact him for further information.
Jimmy Collier

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February 2011